Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy has historically achieved returns similar to pure equity funds but with a significant lower volatility thanks to:

  • Investing in the best opportunities on a global basis without being constrained to invest in a particular geography or replicate a specific benchmark.
  • Having a flexible and differentiated investment strategy that combines the best elements of private equity and value investing. 
  • Being extremely disciplined in the execution of the investment process and risk management with the Chief Investment Officer having a significant investment in the the fund.

Our investment strategy and ongoing risk assessment process aims to mitigate markets fluctuations by:


  • Having the flexibility to invest in equities and fixed income. This flexibility allows us to balance the risk exposure of the fund and achieve a higher degree of stability of returns overtime. 
  • Placing a strong emphasis on quantifying risk and avoiding the possibility of permanent loss in an investment.
  • Investing without pressure: if we do not find compelling investing opportunities the fund will hold a large amount of cash.